Photography and webdesing

about me

I’m really fast. I started shooting at the age of 16 when I was able to buy my first camera thanks to one of the countless economic plans in Brazil. Since then photography has been running in parallel in my life.

I graduated in psychology and, due to generational affinity with computers, I was able to do a master’s degree in communication and technology. That is a master’s degree on the Internet and its possibilities.

As I entered the faculty of psychology from a technical course in the area of ​​technology, informatics has accompanied me since the beginning, as an important tool for communication and organization of my work activities and hobbies. Among them, photography.

The first professional images were made for TOP MAGAZINE edited in Curitiba in the late 90s and, of course, I lost this collection. But from that time, I still keep the first BW’s made with Zenith. Since then, several events, themes for restaurants, personal photographic projects, and a collection of more than 100 thousand photos in the Serra do Mar in Paraná and 30 thousand photos of my beloved Switzerland form a delicious collection of the time lived and recorded.

A little of that you can appreciate on this site, or you can visit the BIG FOCAL to see, even, how the taste for photography and image has spread to the whole family.

The path with psychology continues in two of my 8 blogs. And, given the number of blogs and websites, you can imagine that the taste for information technology remained great. Today I program and develop my blogs on the WP, but with a wide domain of CSS, javascript and Python I facilitate the process.

The idea of ​​IMAGEM.CH is to put these skills at your disposal, visit the portfolio!