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Think about a beautiful place. Multiply everything you can imagine by 10. Then decorate with mountains of snowy peaks, Swiss chalets, pine forests, and deep cliffs and emerald green lakes. Okay, now you get a glimpse of what Braunwald is.

The small Swiss car-free village is an hour and fifteen minutes from Zürich by train S25 towards Linthal. It is located on a mountain slope, at an altitude of 1,256m. This puts you in an overprivileged situation: In the winter the snow is permanent from the middle of autumn, skiing, sledding, and snowboarding are practiced freely in the region. In the summer the green fields provide beautiful and unbelievable walks.

From the Linthal-Braunwald train station up to the rack going up the hill are two minutes by a covered and heated hallway. For those who have the General Abonnement or Swiss Travel Pass, you do not have to pay the rack, but you need to change the pass through the local ticket. For others, the ascent is affordable.

On the plateau, the hiking trails are many. My recommendation for the summer is to take the cable car in Burstberg and climb up to Gumen. From there it’s a 30-minute walk uphill to the base of Eggstöcke. The peak rise is only possible with safety equipment. But, the view, even from its base is unbelievable. The gorges, mountain, and valley around are of shocking beauty.

In winter, if you ski or snowboard, you will find the way to the party easy. But if like me, like a coffee and a good walk with the family, I recommend the cable car in Hüttenberg. It leads to a small, busy restaurant on the Grotzenbüel plateau. There you can drop the kids on the sleds (which can be rented in Braunwald) without worries, enjoy the view and walk in the snow.