Photography and webdesing

I lived for 41 years in Curitiba, a city in the south of Brazil. A large city, about 3 million people between the city and its surroundings. A city with an extension of about 42km from north to south. A much more cloudy city than the rest of Brazil, but stills a Brazilian city in a tropical country. What makes it a bit colder is the altitude and the cloudiness.

Between April and November, the climate is cloudy and drizzling, the temperature between + 10ºC and + 18ºC. From November to April, it is cloudy and it rains, the temperature fluctuates between + 10ºC and + 5000ºC (my thermometer only marked so far, it might have been hotter). Perfect to hike!

Curitiba is permanently cloudy, which was great for business. It is 30 to 45 days without appearing a breach of blue sky. The gang really depresses! And I use to work as a psychologist. For shooting landscapes (my hobby) was easy, 50 km by car in any direction and, forests, mountains, waterfalls with a beautiful blue sky cover! Perfect to hike!

It’s been a year since I moved to Switzerland, an altitude subtropical country, stuck in the middle of the Alps. The town where I live has 5760 inhabitants (I imagine that with my family, 5765 inhabitants). So small that when I go out for a walk (usually 12km, I cross 3 or 4 cities !!). Imagine that the canton of Zürich is slightly larger than Curitiba and has a smaller population! Perfect to hike!

Autumn is cold + 10ºC with wind and rain, drizzle, bathed, damp, foggy, and smell to the cow digestion process residue spread in the fields. Perfect to hike!

Winter is my favorite, -3ºC on average and when it rains it is snow. When there is no snow, it is a beautiful cold blue sky. Because of the snow, it is very clear. In winter and autumn, when it is cloudy, with 30 minutes by train, we climb the mountain and above 1100 meters is a spectacular blue sky. But, -10 ° C, freezes and has to pee sitting down. Winter is awsome!!! Perfect to… have tea… and hike!!!!!

Spring is a spectacle apart, fields, trees, shrubs, backyards, squares, woods, mountains, pots, everything, absolutely everything flourishes. The most varied and colorful flowers. Big dandelions like I’ve never seen, take the pastures. Cabbage blooms with that buttery green and yellow flowers. It’s magic. Perfect to hike!

As the Swiss likes to flower, the houses, houses, buildings, garden, windows, balconies, everything is colored. The temperature varies between + 10ºC and + 20ºC, at the beginning of spring it can snow, in the middle too.

In both landscapes are absurd. With cloud or no cloud, Curitiba and the region and my mountainous Switzerland are breathtaking. Perfect to hike!!

I hope you like the photos and share the post!