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For those who like a good walk, Switzerland is full of alternatives. In general, the hiking period runs from mid-spring to mid-fall. In the high summer, because of the heat, in the plains, the program is a lake and river. But in the mountains, where the temperature is mild, you walk a lot. An alternative full of beautiful landscapes and full of stories is the trail between Gruyeres and Broc. I made that road in 2011 and it is simply stunning.

The trail begins in Gruyeres. Ums town nestled on top of a hill. This place, by itself, requires a two-day visit. To eat a Gruyeres cheese directly at the factory, visit the castles and churches in the small town and delight in a traditional founde in a restaurant in one of the old townhouses.

Gruyeres was a very rich city, the former capital of what became the Friborg Canton, it preserves the houses, the palaces and the wall built in the middle ages. From the town fountain, it is 11km to Broc.

The trail begins with the descent of the hill and the walk around the hill. As we walk the harbor view towards the town alternates and the view of the castle gets more impressive. During this period of the trail, we have the woods and a small creek ahead, but each time we look back it is a new surprise given by the hill set with its woods and the castle on top.

The crossing of the creek is made by an old covered bridge, beautiful. In this stretch, the trail is paved with gravel and some stretches of asphalt. We cross the river several times along every path that runs, more or less, to its margin. We passed several areas with farms, with farmhouses very typical of Swiss architecture. And, this trail leads us to the entrance of the closed forest.

In this section, the trail narrows, remains well maintained and safe, as is Swiss tradition in its trail. But, as it borders the river, in the opposite direction to its counterflow, it on a great hill, winding through a wonderful and deep canyon. Throughout the trail, it is possible to access leaflets and rapids (which recommend a lot of attention to the extent that the canyon is in some places more than 50 meters deep), but thanks to the Swiss organization, only wet your feet if you want. Bridges and railings assist walkers and allow groups of all ages to enjoy the ride.

At the top of this hill, after a long curve skirting a hillside, we have a dizzying landscape. We ended the curve over a dam like a beautiful mirror of water, and a concrete wall, quite impressive, by the way, holding all that water. The limpidity and the color of the water are beautiful and, with the forest bordering the dam, forming a set that presents the walker for his effort.

A few minutes walk after the dam, we begin to enter the urban space of Broc, which, like all the small towns of French Switzerland, has a quite typical and pleasant architecture. Remember, those typical French bucolic films. Broc does not bring any great surprises if you are not willing to look, but if you are, look around and read the ever-present yellow plates. One of them will say, Nestlé.

Walk in the direction indicated by the sign and, from above the hill where the city is, you will see the first Nestlé factory, built with the typical architecture of the early twentieth century. An absolutely pleasant surprise for those who like chocolate and condensed milk.

The return is simple, pick up the bus or walk all back. What is highly recommended, as the arrival in Gruyeres after 22 km of hiking, is exciting. Going through the portals of the fortified city and dining a founde or raclate with cheese made in the vicinity is priceless.