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The Marumbi is a mountainous massif in the state of Paraná, in southern Brazil. Although it is not a very high mountain, about 1850m, it is so positioned in relation to the coastal plain that it becomes an absolutely stunning mountain. Its 1850 meters rise from the region of Porto de Cima, a village in the city of Morretes, of an altitude of 50 meters. That is to say, it grows herself 1850 meters practically at sea level.

In addition, it is the first mountain in this region to rise in the mountain range of the Serra do Mar, exposing all its magnitude between the coast and the first plateau of Paraná, hidden behind the mountains.

Made up of granite rock, hard, old and very worn by the time, much of the mountain is covered by a beautiful Atlantic Tropical Forest. This forest forms part of the Marumbi Park, one of several parks that will form the largest continuous area of ​​Atlantic Forest preservation in the world. That is a unique region in the world.

This entire region of these parks is beautiful. It has unique biodiversity, lots of wildlife, many rivers, trees, and impressive mountains. Waterfalls, old farms, bucolic villages and, many, many hiking trails for a walk, short and long trails, rock climbing, rafting. A real haven with lots of mosquitoes, butchers and rubber ducks (the last two are very voracious flies), so the area is tricky there in November and December.

The trail to Marumbi begins at the IAP (Environmental Institute of Paraná), exactly where the park begins. Next, to the post, you can find parking lots to leave the car. A dirt road leads to the beginning of the trails. At the IAP post, you can ask for some explanations about the trails and the parks that make up this extensive area of ​​preservation. Worth the stop.

The road alone is worth a walk. It is made use of part of the Itupava’s colonial trail and the stones that made up the old trail can be seen on the road floor. It runs parallel to the river Nhundiaquara, another wonder of this mountainous region, the river is formed by rocks that descended the mountainous slopes, forms a unique landscape and, with the proper care, is worth a good dip and some of its rapids or natural pools.

The trail is 100% uphill, it’s three kilometers to the old and abandoned station of Engineer Lange. The Marumbi is meandered by the Curitiba – Paranaguá railway. An architectural marvel of the 19th century still in operation. But, several of the old train stations are abandoned and unused. This railway is also worth the visit, tunnels, and stunning bridges.

After the station of Engineer Lange, the trail continues close by the forest, following a colonial path. The trail begins at the side of the old water box and crosses the train line a few times, ending with a beautiful arrival behind the mansion of Marumbi Station. Architectural heritage, the station is beautiful. It has a camping structure (quite rustic), drinking water, shade, but an IAP station, where the registration of the mountaineer and the direction of the road is mandatory.

The station, by itself, is worth the ride. It lies at the base of the mountain so the various peaks that form the Marumbi massif can be seen from there. From the lowest, the Rochedinho, to the highest, Olympus.

Well, if you go to that point of the walk, made all the stops to see beautiful things, forget to climb Olympos and Abrolhos (coolest of all). These walks require 5 to 7 hours almost without stops, are quite steep and require good physical preparation. They also require some experience in the region and knowledge of the trails.

Then, look at the map of the station, talk to the IAP employee and climb the Rochedinho. He is not very tall, his walk is 2 hours round trip and, in my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen. I like this view so much that for many years that was the point of reconnection with the world. When I need to stop and find myself in very difficult or very easy times, that is where I go. It was also the first mountain I climbed in the company of my daughter, still 9 years old. It became one of her favorite places too.

A beautiful walk, through streams and a very beautiful forest. The walk ends and a rocky tip that requires some attention, but nothing really dangers. The iron road circles the Marumbi exactly in the Rochedinho. From there, it is possible to glimpse the entire coastline, Ilha do Mel, Paranaguá and the south coast. It is possible to see all the massif north of the mountain range with all its peaks, forests and contours. It is possible, and there my favoritism, to see all the Marumbi and its blue facade (depending on the light) and black granite rock. It’s stupidly beautiful.

I always take a coffee and a snack to stay at least an hour up there.