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Located near the western shore of Lake Zurich (Obersee) Uznach is a small town on the edge of Uznaberg, a small hill with forests and farms.

Margeada on the other side of the Linth Canal, the small town has 5700 inhabitants, distributed between urban and rural area.

Thus, Uznach has an interesting convergence between forest hills and small farms and the artificially grounded plain of the Linth River canal. It is situated on the border of the canton Sant Gallen with its neighbor Schwyz. This boundary is demarcated by the canal and the river. Over the border, a medieval tower takes over the plain.

The city, initially a standing city where the horses were exchanged, grew around the tower and portal that existed west of the city. From the 20th century, as the landfill of the Linth várzea area, the city descended the hill and extended to the limits of Schmerikon.

Facing the Mattstock mountain range, the town is close to the lake and the Alps, thus composing an endless road map on the plains or hills.

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